Biotop is an open collective of scientists, designers, architects and artisan engaging in the curiosity-driven, cross-disciplinary and collaborative translation of ideas; it is an experiment trying to reinvent the way we practice science and interweave it with other disciplines.

As a co-founder Ralf Bliem and Biotop share their paths with their mission to interconnect science and design since early 2017.

bE-Design Studio OG

Crossing paths since 2018 with the professional team of bE-Design Studio broadened the spectrum and network of both Studios. Located in Vienna and with their plus 10 years experience in interior & furniture design, furnishing and prototyping, they enhance every architectural draft to a comprehensive package.

VERDANDI Ausstellungs- und Museumsplanungs GmbH

Ralf Bliem and Verdandi collaborate on exhibition projects in almost every scale. With its 150 successful exhibition projects and more than 15 years of office experience, Verdandi is an proficient project partner in every situation.


Ralf Bliem and Peter Maier have been joint planners and project partners in various areas of architecture since 2020. As trained and experienced architects, from small scale to large scale projects – Ralf Bliem and Peter Maier offer their services from advice to general planning.