Biotop* X Opencell

Skills: Architecture, Lab Interior


Team: Anna Köferle, Anna Ritscher, Lukas Hutter, Ralf Bliem

Project Type: Commercial

Location: Shepherds Bush / London / UK

Time: 2018

Status: built

Client: Open Cell

As BIOTOP we have been able to build our first and one-of-its-kind modular container lab at the site of Sheperd’s Bush Market in London. OPEN CELL is collaborating with us to get set their labs in London.

The lab is designed around the needs as a biotech scientist – we added unique features like a multifunctional workbench with a fully integrated modular storage system.

We introduced a collaborative workflow where architects, designers, scientists and users set up the draft for the lab. Working on the same table with scientists gave us the possibility to design the small lab space to the needs of the scientist.

LINK to documental movie