Skills: Architecture

Team: Ralf Bliem, Patrick Groeller

Project Type: Competition

Location: New Zealand

Time: 2021

TKMC – A cabin for meditation, mindful practice and social interaction. Elevated from the ground – the cabin evokes the idea of a (space) capsule which just arrived within its lush natural surroundings. With its fold down/up hatch and ladder, the cabin provides solitude for those seeking it and instantly embraces its visitors in calmness. The gathering space underneath the cabin offers a unique experience in its own right. With the outside “bottom to top” fireplace, protruding under the hut – meeting before meditation and warming up together serves as great ritual before starting the practice.
The cabin is based on a hexagonal design – the very shape that symbolises balance, harmony and even spiritual attainment. This enables the meditators to stay in a circle layout during practice. The space is centered around a slender chimney, which reaches from underneath the cabin to the top of the roof. The very bottom of the cabin is a hexago- nal concrete slab. This piece is used for thermal insu- lation and as protection from the underside outdoor fireplace as well as for heat storage on cold days. This concrete slab as well as the cabin itself are planned to be produced on site – no heavy lifting ma-
chines are needed. The statics and their components (beams and battens) are geared towards on-site car- pentry work. Those practicing here will savor the unique experi- ence of this place surrounded by nature and carry the calmness outside with them.