Skills: Exhibition

When: 07th Dec 2019 – 25th Jan 2020; Thu, Fri, Sat, 5-8 pm

Where: Former “Rollin’ Skate Shop”, Oberer Kirchenplatz 4, Villach

We are surrounded by and take part in complex systems. Yet, we struggle with the consequences of complexity. The global financial system and the climate are two examples of complex systems that inevitably affect our daily lives. Due to their apparent impenetrability, they make us feel insecure. Yet, what does complexity actually mean? Do we have to make do with the fact that “complex” merely means “complicated”? Between 7th December 2019 and 25th January 2020, the Villach-based science collective Biotop is presenting an exhibition titled “Vortex”, which aims to make complex systems accessible.

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